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We design Custom Sneeze Guards that fit seamlessly and blend in with your environment. They can be used as social distancing barriers for hospitals, hotels, grocery stores, schools, checkout stands, and other points-of-purchase locations. Our Sneeze Guards are made of quarter-inch crystal clear Poly-carbonate and Acrylic which provides strength while still being lightweight and portable.  Our Custom shields are designed to fit your work space and can be built with individualized cut-outs for transactions. We also provide Full Service Installation. It's never been easier to put your employees and customers at ease.

Sneeze Guards

-Act as a barrier against germs
-Completely transparent - Crystal Clear and will not impede vision
-More impact resistant than glass
18" pass-through allows documents or wires through without compromising protective integrity
-Lightweight and portable
-Easy to Clean
-Removable stands - slide in or out for easy assembly/disassembly and storage
-Variety of applications: schools, hospitals, pharmacies, government agencies, commercial/retail
-Full-Service Installation
-Made in Houston Texas fast turn around

Portable Shield

Drilled Sneeze Guard

Hanging Shield

Support a healthy work environment

As the global health situation evolves, employees will continue to work differently at home or at their once familiar corporate offices. Ergotron’s broad portfolio of flexible, professional-grade designs meet the needs of all employees—no matter where they work.

In the office, the thermal imaging cart helps maintain a healthy workplace, and our adjustable standing desks and monitor arms quickly create open office designs that meet social distancing requirements
It’s all about helping keep employees comfortable, productive and healthy through COVID-19 and beyond.

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Messaging Signs

Prepare for social distancing and other health recommendations with signage that helps keep everyone safe and informed. We can create temporary or permanent signage options to be used on floors, walls, lunch rooms, common areas and more.  They can be used as safety and directional signage as well as communicating social distancing.  The messaging  can be placed on many different materials from vinyl, metal, glass, acrylic and more.  We can do custom colors and logos.  

Digital Signage

In difficult times like these digital signage plays an even bigger role than ever  before. Quickly sharing important health and safety information with real-time updates is absolutely necessary to keep employees and customers safe.

Offices, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, clinics, malls, schools, etc. that plan to remain open need to communicate both security and prevention measures.
We can help you find the best digital signage solutions for your environment.

Giving Back

In the uncertain times it's important we help those who need it most. We will be donating $5 for every sneeze guard sold.

CDC Guidance on Protective Measures that Pertain to All Work Settings

Announced April 8th 2020,  public health departments should protect staff as they perform their work functions, and implement workplace strategies that mitigate transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19.
-Install physical barriers, such as clear plastic sneeze guards, if feasible

Government Phase I and II require business to create policies that mandate social distancing and protective equipment.

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Houston Sneeze Guard has been a lifesaver for my business. Protecting my transaction areas was key to me being able to keep my business open. Great pricing and support with super quick installation.


We needed 22 locations across Texas protected in 3 days, Houston Sneeze Guard really came through for us with professional looking sneeze shields that look great. Our customers and employees have commented they appreciate our safety first commitment.


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